2014. 09. 23.

First of all, bitch. Don’t you dare come up to me and tell me what I “should” do. You think you’re some kind of nice whore who is probably doing the “right thing”. Don’t treat me like I’m some kid. I don’t even know who you are. Stop trying to “give me a hand”. You’re so fucking self-righteous. The way you try to “correct” people.

It’s disgusting.

2014.09.16. [11:42pm]

I don’t know. I’m just too exhausted these days. It’s hard for me to concentrate on anything, more or less even care.


You say I don’t think. That I am a careless human being. But those who say hurtful things like it’s nothing are the ones who don’t think the most.

At work today...

  • Tim: ugh.
  • Me: ??
  • Tim: ugh. I hate everything right now, I hate everyone.
  • Me: ??
  • *Tim bumps into my boob*
  • Tim: ugh. Alice! Get yo boob outta my life. *walks away*

Honestly, I am so fucking done with all the immature shit you do. Get the fuck out of my face.