Don’t try to compare yourself with me you fucking twat.

So I just finished reading Tokyo Ghoul…

And let me just fucking say. I don’t know how to react.
There were so many misleading plots that my mental state was violated to the point of no return. 

At first I thought everything ended a bit… rushed. The author, Sui Ishida, completely turned the readers’ focus to a dead-end and smashed the finale in our face. I asked some folks who finished it and here are some of their opinions:

  1. "It felt as if the author got lazy and just decided to end it. I mean, it’s an amazing manga but, come on, you can’t just end it like that.”
  2. "The ending was so disappointing. And it made no sense."
  3. "Yo, the best plot twist ever."
  4. "Uta’s a bitch."
  5. "Eh, it was, like, whatever. Just gore and all that supernatural stuff."
  6. I don’t know I’m just confused. I don’t really get why it ended like that… and I’m hoping there’s a sequel to it…


And here’s my review…

The entirety of this series was pure genius. I don’t know what came over the author but for him to end it with such a subtle, mind-blowing conclusion, I was at a loss for words. Like holy flying shit, the way he built up the climax was so brilliant. We were completely fooled. And if any of you say shit like “I totally saw that coming”, you’re a lying fuck. I was so infatuated in apparent details, which were completely useless, that when it came to the actual denouement I was literally slapped across the face. It was like I was in for the “show”… As if the entire series of 143 chapters was a manipulative entertainment to fuck with my brain. I couldn’t believe it. I was riding on a broken, “guaranteed safety” my ass, emotional, heart-wrenching roller coaster. Then laughed at for my sentiments over minor characters. 

Just fucking saying, I like my eyeliner winged and bold. Don’t fucking tell me anything else. I don’t wanna base my preference on your pretentious opinion. And that’s exactly what it is, a fucking insignificant opinion. Bitch.

2014. 10. 02.

Everyone can bless my pretty ass but not you. Nope. Not you, bitch.

2014. 09. 23.

First of all, bitch. Don’t you dare come up to me and tell me what I “should” do. You think you’re some kind of nice whore who is probably doing the “right thing”. Don’t treat me like I’m some kid. I don’t even know who you are. Stop trying to “give me a hand”. You’re so fucking self-righteous. The way you try to “correct” people.

It’s disgusting.